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Something Fast (and Romantic) at Misty Mountain Reserve – #17adventures

Something Fast (and Romantic) at Misty Mountain Reserve – #17adventures

When we wrote our open letter to the Universe on 1 January, the kids were adamant to include #13 – Something Fast. They weren’t too fussed with exactly what it should be, as long as it was fast and furious. Although I must admit to secretly hoping Something Slow, or Something Tropical would be dished up first, it was exhilarating to see how thrilled the kids were when we were invited to try out Misty Mountain’s brand new quad biking adventure.


There is definitely something about boys and high powered engine toys and as we drove the 90 minute journey from Port Elizabeth to Tsitsikamma, our Kombi was abuzz with talk of dramatic sideways skids, hair-raising quad drag races and death-defying bike stunts.


After our previous weekend of camping at Storms River (despite my best efforts I am still not a happy camper), I was delighted to be back at the luxurious Misty Mountain Reserve, almost exactly one year since our last visit. This time, we opted to stay in their refreshingly affordable rustic farm cottages, which are located between verdant green fields, a pretty farm dam and Misty’s chip and putt golf course.

Misty Mountain’s farm cottages

When we walked through the lush gardens into our “Fynbos” cottage, we were delighted to find that our accommodation was more charming than rustic – it oozed country chic and we appreciated all the special touches that made our cute cottage a warm and welcoming home for the weekend.

Our charmingly decorated farm cottage

I would love to say that Saturday dawned bright and beautiful, but it didn’t. Tsitsikamma was blessed with a much-needed, prolonged heavy downpour which started Friday night and looked set in for the whole of Saturday. Although we were only planning to go quad biking on Sunday, the rain put a damper on our plans of hiking, fishing and football golf (yes, that is actually a thing!). The torrential rain was paired with gale force winds and the best place to spend the day was tucked into our crisp white percale linen with a good book. Luke & Cian were happy being plugged into their iPhones and Jacob was contently chilling with his lovely new friend Jess (a.k.a. the girlfriend) who had joined us on our weekend adventure.

Kids keeping cosy on the couch

Tsitsikamma Adventureland is a new venture based at Misty Mountain Reserve. They operate the quad bike tours and have launched three routes – the 2 hour viewpoint tour (which we were to do on Sunday), the 1 hour forest and farm tour and a romantic private exclusive sunset tour which Ralph and I were invited along to film. This was supposed to happen on Saturday evening, and we were so relieved when the rain stopped  late afternoon.


You see, unbeknownst to the lovely Charista, her dashing beau Kyale had pre-arranged with Misty that he was going to take her on their private exclusive quad tour and then propose.  We all knew this, and I think we could possibly have been more nervous than Kyale when the weather did not play along. The poor guy had gone to all the trouble of arranging a picture perfect once-in-a-lifetime moment that just simply would not work in the rain. So there was a collective sigh of relief from all the Misty Mountain staff (and us) when the clouds eventually parted at around 5pm.


Charista had been lured into the weekend as a model for the couples quad tour and was eager and excited to do the tour AND be filmed. It was truly refreshing for Ralph and I to have models who were comfortable and keen to be in front of the camera, and who listened and obeyed our every direction. We are used to surreptitiously trying to film our kids, with them rolling their eyes and moaning like hell when they see Ralph approaching with the Osmo.

Fabulous models and what a view!


Charista and Kyale twirled around each other on their quads in the green fields. They held hands and smiled into the camera…they were perfect! Our guides Jovandre and Micaela took us to a path on the bluff and led the lovebirds to the most picture-perfect viewing deck, all kitted out with a romantic table for two, gourmet picnic and to-die-for ocean view. Charista took it in her model stride and thought nothing of it – it was all for the film in her eyes. Jovandre whipped out a guitar and strummed the soothing tunes of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud as Micaela burst into song, literally taking all our breath away. As the sun broke through the clouds and beamed across the ocean, Kyale rustled in his backpack and before we could blink, he was on his knees with Charista yelling “No” in disbelief. Thankfully her actual answer was a resounding “YES” and tears streamed down all our faces as we captured this intensely private, special moment.

A perfect moment, in every way

That’s what Misty does to you. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic place. We headed back with broad smiles and full hearts and a very shiny rose gold diamond ring on someone’s left ring finger.

We got the shot! The relief was palpable and we had a solid night’s sleep before waking to the most glorious day on Earth. The sun twinkled over the ocean, the birds sang and not a breath of wind could be heard. Misty had pulled out all the stops for our quad tour.

Noble steeds at the ready

We each got our own big khaki brand-spanking new bike and started out with a whizz around Misty’s golf course, to get the hang of things. After a few loops on the smooth green grass, we hit the road and headed out of Misty, riding past fields of curious cows and through rows of towering pines. As we left the road into a track through the pine plantations, the real fun started.  We raced through puddles, splashing through the muddy water, zoomed up hills and skidded round corners until we emerged on the coastline to the most magnificent ocean view.

I couldn’t help but notice how happy the kids were. It was more than a rush of speed for them. Driving solo on these powerful four wheelers had given them a sense of their own authority. They sat taller as they drove their steeds with the confidence that comes with being a teenager and the pride of being in command for the first time. And not just the boys – Jess who is usually quietly coy was fast and furious. She tore through the timberland, intent on beating the boys.

Riding through the pine plantations

We ended our Misty family weekend with a round of Football golf and a delicious Sunday lunch in the restaurant. Thank you Misty for delighting us once again, for bringing us together as a family, for making us cry tears of joy, for igniting our spirits and for making memories that are woven into our family tapestry, never to be forgotten.

Fact Sheet

Visit Misty Mountain at

A 2 hr quad tour costs R650 per person, a 1 hr tour is R450 per person and the private exclusive couple’s tour with a picnic on the lookout deck is R950 per person.


Check out the video highlights of our quad biking adventure at Misty Mountain:

Click here to watch on YouTube if the video does not display properly on your device.

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