Meet the Dirsuwei family – dreamer dad Ralph, bright mom Sarah, fishing-mad Jacob, social-teen Luke and cool-kid Cian. We are a South African family on a mission to explore the world together and to spread positivity about our beautiful country through our family travel blog, Chasing the Rainbow.


Our name Chasing the Rainbow has a few origins – it started as our search for the good things in life, the rainbow at the end of our storm. It also signifies our quest for happy, quality family time spent together and is also about rediscovering, writing about and filming our diverse and beautiful “Rainbow Nation” that Nelson Mandela created – a world full of love, acceptance and mutual respect, an ideal that is sometimes lost among the flood of negativity out there. Here’s a bit more about our name:

What’s in a Name – The Chasing the Rainbow Journey

Our journey started as a dream, a crazy idea to ditch the conventional rules and take a family “gap year”, road tripping through the USA and Canada. We haven’t quite figured out how to fund this yet, so we decided to start smaller, and do what we can with what time and resources we have. We started out exploring things to do in and around our home town of Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and made a series of videos on outings of the area. This led us to other opportunities to explore deeper and further afield, and each blogging trip we did thoroughly delighted us all. We have ignited a flame in each of us to do more, see more and feel more, and this has catapulted us out of our regular family life into a world of magic – just waiting everywhere around us to be discovered and enjoyed. Here is how each of us has jumped out of our comfort zones for the blog:

Extreme Family Adventures, “For the Sake of the Blog”


Last year, we booked tickets to Canada. Although we couldn’t stay for a year as originally dreamed, we spent 5 weeks making memories to last all of our lifetimes – camping in the Canadian Rockies, road tripping around the whole of Western Canada, digging for dinosaurs, catching fish, island hopping, exploring, adventuring and seriously LIVING. Check out our Canada diary for a first hand account of the thrills, trials, tribulations and tales of taking a family across the globe for the adventure of a lifetime.

Canada Diary Part 1 – Why Canada?


You will find us “chasing the rainbow” in every bit of spare time we have. Ralph does the filming with his Osmo, GoPro and DJI drone (check out our YouTube channel). I (Sarah) do the writing, and we all do the acting.


We hope you enjoy sharing in our adventures, and that we can inspire you to get out there and chase your rainbow with your family too!

Sharing such an incredible view as a family makes it so much sweeter!

Our ultimate rainbow is family happiness and contentment