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#17Adventures – How Did We Do?

#17Adventures – How Did We Do?

One year ago, we published an open letter to the universe, putting our travel dreams out there in the hope that they would morph from happy imaginings into something a bit more tangible.


According to Rhonda Byrne, The Great Secret of Life is the law of attraction. The law of attraction says like attracts like, so when you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you. Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency. As you think thoughts, they are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source – you.


This year, we put Rhonda’s theory to the test and the Universe delivered tenfold. Perhaps not always in the exact form we had imagined, but pretty darn close. So, on a scale of 1 to 17, how did we do?

1. Somewhere Tropical –

We asked and Big U delivered. During June and July we undertook an epic cross country road trip from Port Elizabeth all the way to Vilanculos in Mozambique. We dipped our toes in clear turquoise waters and flicked our fly line into shoals of sport fish. We sat at the bow of a boat with dolphins dancing at our feet and we swam amongst crackling coral peppered with thousands of fish in every colour of the rainbow.
See The Ultimate Bush and Beach Road Trip

2. Somewhere Wild –

We completed our family tradition of taking our boys on a walking trail in the Kruger Park for their 12th birthday. The Mathikithi Trail was truly one of our life highlights. Lying in complete darkness, listening to lions crunching bones and chasing hyenas from their kill literally meters from our tent was both terrifying and awe-inspiring. Walking in silence in pristine bush untouched by humans was sublime. Check it out on YouTube here.

3. Somewhere Cold –

No snow for us this year, but we are confident that snowboarding will still come for Cian. In the meantime, he got some good practice in on the sand dunes.

4. Somewhere Remote –

We didn’t make the Baviaanskloof, instead the Universe pointed us towards one of the most remote places we have ever been. It was silent, rugged, remote and there was absolutely no cellphone signal. Read The Northern Cape’s Biggest Secret Revealed.

5. Somewhere New –

My bones were not wrong. 2017 was indeed the year of the Owl House for us. And oh so much more… 6 Reasons to visit Nieu Bethesda (Besides the Owl House)

6. Somewhere Far –

We drove through the Northern Cape all the way to a strange little town called Douglas. Why? Because that’s where the Universe called us for a school sporting event. And when the kids are called to travel, of course we all enjoy the ride.

7. Somewhere Close –

Well hello Mountain Zebra National Park, it was SO sweet to meet you!

8. Somewhere Beautiful –

It may not be Namaqualand, but Gee Whiskers, the Canola fields of the Langeberg are something incredible to behold! Thanks to fellow travel blogger, Dominique in the City for this fabulous photo. We were so gobsmacked by the beauty that we forgot to take pics.

9. Somewhere Quiet –

At Doornkloof Nature Reserve we were the only people we saw. The silence was deafening. We asked the Universe for silence broken only by the swish of a fly line and waters full of yellowfish, and boy did it deliver!

10. Somewhere with a View –

The Valley of Desolation was literally mind blowing. At first we saw tall dolomite columns towering above the clouds. All of a sudden the thick mist rolled back and we were greeted with a view that went on forever. What a stunning place.

11. Somewhere High –

We might not have jumped out of an airplane, but we did climb to the top of a few mountains and up some man-made walls too.

12. Somewhere low –

Cape Town, we will return. We loved our unexpected work visit as a couple (without the kids) to the Mother City, but I think the Universe was saving it’s underground tunnels for the whole Rainbow family (they were closed for maintenance).

A rainbow invited us back to the Mother City

13. Something Fast –

Big U obviously approves of speed, as one of the first calls we got in 2017 was to experience Misty Mountain’s new quad biking adventure, and soon after that we were invited to go sand sledding with Sunday’s River Ferry. And yes, the adrenalin did put a smile on even our moodiest teenager’s face.

14. Somewhere Slow –

I may not have SUP’ed to the 6 Pillars, but we did take a donkey ride around Nieu-Bethesda, a slow cruise up the Sunday’s River and a lot of leisurely drives around Addo Elephant Park. I reckon that counts.

15. Somewhere Wet –

Our kayak and lilo adventure up Storms River was incredible! We explored deep into the gorge, jumped into dark pools and paddled into caves and through ancient forests.

16. Somewhere Painful –

I think the Universe may have been receiving conflicting messages here. Some of us are more keen than others to partake in a kids vs adults paintball session.

17. Somewhere Famous –

We didn’t make it all the way to Victoria Falls to see the rainbow in the smoke that thunders. We did however spot a few rainbows along the way this year – in the sea spray kicked up by Stampede Cruises’ catamaran on the way to St Croix Island, in the reflected glass at the Owl House, and at the entrance to our beautiful city as we returned home from one of many 2017 road trips.

A bright rainbow welcomed us back home

18. Bonus tick –

We got to experience Addo’s swish new rest camp, Nyathi. We segwayed along Port Elizabeth’s promenade, cruised to Addo’s marine islands, camped at Narina, harvested our own honey and watched the rain fall in the parched Karoo at Kuzuko. We travelled thousands upon thousands of kilometres, got the car stuck twice, lost the kids on the Otter Trail, locked the keys in the car in the middle of a National Park and had the time of our lives – together as a family.

So, the final score of our #17adventures is (a somewhat subjective) 14 ½ out of 17.

At 85% that’s not half bad! Here’s to you beautiful Universe – thank you for sending so much adventure and new experiences our way. Thank you for the memories, the unforgettable moments, the adrenaline, the relief, the excitement and the relaxation. Thanks for a truly perfect #17adventures.


What next? Big U, you have already reached out and offered us new experiences, adventures and things to do as a family in 2018. This year, we will go with your flow. Bring it on!


Yours in travel



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